Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot steamin' Thimble Weekend

These are the backs of my latest quilt finishes. Above is Lilac Hill. I love this fabric sooooo much! I had lots of it. I made a schnibble and deliberately made it off center. I think it made it a bit wacky interesting.

This is the back of our last Thimbles Friends Swap. I think we did this swap last fall. The pattern on the front is Morning Star from Nickel Quilts. I started the back with orphan quilt blocks ala Bonnie Hunter. These were from an online pattern thing-I think from Moose on the Porch. When I finished the blocks, I did not like my color selection for a whole quilt. I think it is kind of fun in the back. Vicki did the quilting which really shows well on the back.

Yesterday was Thimbles. I spent the time cutting one and half inch squares for our next Thimble Friends Swap. Also visited with Miss Alice and Ayla and their mom.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Wow Karin, beautiful work! I love the back with Lilac Hill the best of course. Sorry I missed you this weekend. I am a little under the weather; under a big black cloud is more like it. I'll figure it out. Do you get to go to summer stitch-in (me-no)? Karmen

Brenda said...

Love your backings, that is a great use for fabric. I really like the Schnibble on the back of the Lilac Hill.