Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day..end of summer

and hopefully some cool weather will be here soon. I am kind of glad to see the end of a beastly hot summer. (I hope someone will remind me of this when I start whining that I cam cold!)
Going to go to work today because it is going to rain and if I stay home, I probably would end up sleeping on the couch. I will make it a short day.

I started on the quilt for Alice's big girl bed yesterday. I finally decided that I would not change the size of the blocks in the pattern after I got some graph paper and sketched it out. I just need to double the size of the pattern. I think I need to make 394 half square triangles to start. I made about half of that number yesterday. They work up fast using the easy angle ruler. I delivered the reworked curtains yesterday. Kris posted a picture of them on her facebook page.

Laurie decided we needed family pictures and yesterday we all got together in a park in Norcross and had pictures taken. We are a funny bunch when all together. Laurie's friend Walter was the picture taker. He also did Kris and Tyler's wedding.

On a sadder note, my friend Gretchen lost one of her beloved cats this weekend. I only met Morph once but he was one special cat. Then again, all of our four-footers are special. I am sad that he is gone and sad for my friend

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Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

This will serve as reminder. Labor Day does not signal the end of Summer in the South. Hark! Do you remember just one year ago...we were in Capri pants until the Great Pumpkin arrived. Although the pants were certainly not WHITE CAPRIS. We still observe the archaic rules of how and how not to dress!right?

Still sweating in Atlanta!

My heart is breaking for Gretch.

Linda said...

So true Pat! Although I was probably in shorts...I have no fashion sense! And sad for Gretchen who(m?) I've never met but feel like I know.

Karmen said...

Hey Karin,
These chilly mornings are a tease; aren't they?

Karmen said...
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Unknown said...

I don't think we have seen the last of summer.