Sunday, October 16, 2011

An excellent Adventure

My life lately has been rather vanilla. Work has consumed my days and sleep my evenings and nights. Not complaining (much). I have a job! Work has involved cleaning up after a former coworker who really didn't do his job. And then all the new stuff that has come down from the govt for medicare/medicaid. When I get home after work, all I can do is sit on the couch and fall asleep. Not much sewing going on but I did finish Alice's big girl quilt. I delivered it yesterday and hopefully will get a pix on her bed next week. Her birthday party is next Sunday.

So to make a long story, longer....yesterday I decided I needed an outing. Actually I made that decision, Friday night. Friends of mine (above) were vending at a quilt show in Blairsville, Ga. I headed up there to check them out bright and early. The Garmen sent me on Ga 129. There is no way to get to Blairsville except over the mountains. It was a beautiful Fall day thankfully because that rode on a wet day would not be fun. A friend from NY asked me if the road was like a road there that is called "the goat path". It is route 6 going from Peekskill to the Bear Mt. Bridge. It is a 2 lane road that winds up this mountain-no guard rails to speak of except some large boulders and a sheer drop to the Hudson River. Another not so much fun road. But 129 is oh so much worse. Hairpin turns, squiggly turns, squeeze the steering wheel and pray.

But I got to Blairsville and had a good time. Nice quilts but I really went to see the girls at P. S. Goin' Sewin'. Peggy (on the right) is the designer of the quilt I made at quilt camp in Aug. And that is Marti on the left- one of my Thimble buddies. (Shannon was off at a wedding.)
I took no pix of the fall foliage but it was beautiful-probably will peak next week. And then I headed home, determined NOT to go 129. The trip back was not as bad, but not great either!

I meant to post this picture a couple of weeks ago. Laurie's friend Walter took some beautiful pictures of the family. I have to figure out how to get a few more over so I can show off my little girls.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Brenda said...

You deserve a weekend off, hope to see you at Thimbles this weekend

Becky said...

Love the photo of your family! Also fun seeing Marty and Peggy on your blog. Hope to see you this weekend! Miss you!