Sunday, November 18, 2012

BOW #12-Little Boy's Breeches

This was not my favorite block to construct.   There was lots of unsewing in this baby!!  And I have pressed the dickens out of it as well.  Hopefully it will "quilt out".
It is sitting on top of Emily Jane-a lovely quilt designed by my friend Pat Wys.  Sure hope she is not mean tomorrow when she attempts to teach me heinous applique.  She just does not  think "staplaque" is the way to go.  I'm scared!!!!!!!

I had a great time at Thimbles this weekend.  But I always have a great time with these wonderful ladies.  The mystery quilt was revealed and I was able to make progress on final construction.  Since this is a mystery quilt, there will be no pictures of it.  Don't want to spoil any one's surprise if they choose to do it.  Just say you won't be disappointed with the outcome.

We had a discussion on storing quilts.  Folding them is not a good idea as it creates permanent creases and breakdown the batting at the fold.  They need to be stored flat.  Now comes the problem.  The bed in the guestroom looks like the princess in the peas bed as it is piled with quilts currently not in use.  I folded some of them on the bias as Pat suggested.  The bed still looks crazy but Spooky is a happy camper as he can find a warm spot.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Brenda said...

Don't be scared, applique can be fun.

Karmen Sunshine said...

Oh man! I missed the reveal of the mystery quilt. Dang. I was not making it, but curiosity is killing me. Miss you....Karmen