Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress toward Easy Street

I have started pulling together fabric from my stash for the next Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I confess...the gray fabric that will be my constant does not come from fabric previously acquired.  It is an import from No. Carolina.  Last Saturday was our "food, fun and fabric" adventure.  Marty took the wheel, Becky rode "shotgun" with Cindi and me being pretty much passengers.  We set off for Franklin and 2 lovely quilts shops.  After some fabric fondling, a little shopping and a yummy lunch, we headed back south.  While in the car, we attempted to solve the world's problems and just how we planned to use all the fabric that collectively lives in our houses!

Today I think I need to return to pineapple polka dots.  I have some serious cutting to do for my planned border.

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Brenda said...

Really like your colors. I can't decide if I want to do her colors or branch out and do my own.