Thursday, February 21, 2013

Once again, sidetracked...

I just read Silver Thimble talk blog.  I am glad that Pat is finally able to be vertical after quite a bout of illness.  She has been one very sick cookie.  At any rate, hopefully now she is on the mend.  But back to her blog.  She is doing a tutorial on her wonderful Snowbound quilt (that I won't be doing).  I am one of her friends that is not over the rainbow in love with applique. 

My love is cutting up fabric into eighty gazillion pieces ala Bonnie Hunter.  This month's Quiltmaker magazine has a 4 part mystery  "Lazy Sunday Mystery".  I have finished part one.  I am using some of the same fabric I used in Easy Street.  It will be a companion to Easy Street.  I won't be putting the happy little snowmen in this one.

And reading today's blog by Pat...  I need to get motivated and back to Comfort and Joy.  I was on such a roll with it.  I only have 4 applique sections to go.  But  C and J is buried under my pile of fabric for the above mystery.  No step won't be available until probably  April.   I am going to give myself a good talking to and jump back on the applique bus!

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Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Finish C&J. I am still to sick to come over there and kick your butt!