Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sucker for a Mystery

 Silver Thimble Club-a very special place.  This was the weekend.  I took my unfinished projects from Ellijay retreat.  I did finish Popsicle Sticks and even made some binding.  I need to find a backing.  But that is another story
I must not have renewed my subscription to Quiltmaker magazine.  I picked it up this week and there on page 52...Lazy Sunday Mystery by (tada) Ms Bonnie Hunter.  And she is showing her fabric selection in colors similar to Easy Street (with some additions).  Now the light bulb goes off- a companion to Easy Street.  Besides my fabric is not yet put back  Today I started at Thimbles making the four patches.  I still have to make the half square triangles-248 of them.  so far- 20 made!    Like I needed another project!!

Spooky prefers newly finished quilts to roost on.  He is my official quilt inspector.  He is highly indignant when I move it to work on the binding.  He has given Easy Street 2 paws up.

I have not yet tackled this week's block of the week but it looks relatively easy.  As Sarah says-we are now due for a doozy!  Perhaps tomorrow

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