Saturday, June 22, 2013

Silver Thimble Sewing

 Many years ago, I became involved in a renewal movement, Episcopal Cursillo.  I remained involved until I moved to Ga.  It was a wonderful experience.  NY Cursillo will soon have its 100th weekend.  A celebration is being planned in the fall and my friend Kathy asked if I would contribute a quilt for the event...  This weekend I put the top together.  The quilt will NOT be donated with the cat.  He stays here!  It was a fun quilt to make.
Queen Thimble also provided step 2 of her new mystery, Spot On!  I have chosen to do my version in hot pink and gray.  I needed to use my Deb Tucker tools for this step: the Magic Wand and the Wing Clipper.  Now all my friends know about me and the magic wand-that I have several in various colors.  (if one is good, then 2 is better, etc.!)  And if you are making flying geese the Wing Clipper is a MUST.  I only have one of those. 

It is a good sewing weekend and next week is chock full of sewing adventures-guild meeting, workshop  and several luches.  I LOVE retirement

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