Monday, June 17, 2013

Thoughts on Aging

Yesterday evening I was watching another rerun of The big Bang Theory (one of my favorite shows-that an NCIS).  At any rate, Walowitz had to pick up his mother at water aerobics and was talking about giggling arms.  He would be in overload if he were to pop in this morning at the aquatic center at Mountain Park.  Two sessions are combined in the summer to accomodate little people swimming lessons.  As a result, the pool is pretty much packed with old people and giggling arms and other body parts.  It made me laugh.

I got to water aerobics early this morning.  I was sitting in my car looking at the dollar bills   Now I know that the various reserve banks and mints are marked on the bills.   I had a "D" and a "J".  I was trying to read what site those letter denote.  Now I have to google it becasue there was no way that I could read that tiny print. 

After aerobics, we were walking back to our cars.  Sharon misplaced hers.  The parking lot is not that big but she did not park in her usual spot. I mentioned to one of the ladies that I do not let the baggers at Publix take my stuff to the car, mainly becasue I don't want to embarass myself looking for it!  Someone told me when you park you should look at the sign on the building and that way you will know where the car is.  This does not always work either.

So now I am going to Goggle the mint sites.  As for the picture of Wild Willie.  I forgot why I posted it!!

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This gave me a smile.