Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

You know that it is Fall, when the witches start flying! You know it is Fall when the Hersey kisses are orange and brown. So tonight the little beasts will be about begging candy. I will do my usual-hide in the bedroom with the door closed! Who says the Grinch only comes at Christmas.

I did my duty for the old people today and wore a mask and wings at work. What was I? Damned if I know-I went for cheap. I got me some red wings that I kept poking people with and a cat mask. I had a collar with bells on it but that would not stay on. The mask was short lived too since I could not see very well with it on. Tripping over wheelchairs is not a good thing!

And now with this dastardly day just about over, we can start thinking about the upcoming months. Thanksgiving dinner and who is cooking what. Surely Laur will be doing "puff". She needs to do corn casserole too:) yum! For my part, I have already purchased the gravy from Williams-Sonoma and Mr. Peppridge should be already working on the stuffing. Yeah-done

In another moment of sheer insanity I agreed to walk again on turkey day. What was I thinking??? I will have the advil in the car to consume on the ride back home. Maybe it will rain...probably not oh well.

The Christmas card is ordered, am I efficient or what.....time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. For those of you who know who you are....please supply your suggestions!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sometimes I amaze me..

Every now and then, I amaze myself! Yesterday the wedding book arrived that Sue helped me work on last weekend. I decided that I should put together a book about my vacation last Spring. And after a few false starts, I think I did it! Karin...arrives in the 21st century! So with this publishing feat in mind, I tackled the Christmas card. My plans for this year's card have been percolating since the Spring as well. I think I am going to be able to pull this one off all by myself. Or I will have one peculiar Christmas card this year. Merry Christmas from the weirdo.

This week at work has flown fast. No "state" yet. I guess they thought we thought they were coming this week, so they didn't. It has taken me the better part of two years to sleep until at least six before dragging the body out of bed. Now I find myself awake before the rooster next door. I went to work in the dark two days this week to be ready for them. I will have to do that again next Monday. The good part about going in early, is I get to leave early. The bad part is I can't stay awake after eight o'clock at night. Meena is in bed before the girls.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

time flies when you're having fun

The week flew by and still we anxiously await state survey. While part of me does not want to deal with that, I am rapidly reaching the point when I hope they show up so we can get this over with and administrative anxiety will go down! Maybe Monday or Tuesday will be the day.

I managed to stay awake last night to see the 9PM show that I wanted to watch-in it's entirety! Last week I missed the beginning and the end but the middle seemed good. Since I have read the books, I was interested to see how close the show would follow. The time constraint does effect the character development. It will be interesting to see how they allow these women to interact with each other. I liked the book series but we will see!

I have been thinking about turkey gravy this week! I have to call Williams-Sonoma to see if the gravy base is available. Last year I missed it. Might just have to take a road trip today if it is available!

This weekend's sewing project is in question. I have 2 tops that need to have borders applied. I also have to really attack the quilt for the red hat club at work. Stitch 'N'Quilt called yesterday and the top I left there is ready to be picked up. I didn't check the answering machine until I got ready to jump into bed. I guess I really should check that a little bit more often. I'm just not good with electronics!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things done and left undone....

The weekend is winding down and soon it will be time to get ready for another fun-filled week at work.

So what did I get accomplished this weekend.
-lanudry and changed the bed
-broke out the vacuum and did a quick spin around the rooms
-paid bills
-got a pedicure
-went to Stitch 'N Quilt for block of the month and picked up my autographed copy of Peggy's book
-hit Publix for a few items
-made substantial progress on Jacky's quilt
-finished a Patterson book and started the next one
-hung out with Sue while Sarah went to Sunday School
-took 2 showers in one day-there goes my quota...story about that is tried a new lotion at the tanning place and could not stand the smell when I got home!

Things left undone...

So the sewing room is still looking mighty bad. I have no idea what is in some of the piles. When I met Sharon today at the quilt store, we were talking about our stashes. She thinks we all should have a record of whose got what. She is still lusitng after Emma's quilt. It is a good thing Emma is just a baby or I think the quilt would be in Stone Mountain!

I guess I should put my stash in my will. Who will get all my wonderful fabric??? Maybe Sarah will start to sew and then it can all go to her house! Won't that make the son-in-law happy.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Friday is my favorite day of the week. I love Friday night because I know I am looking forward to the next two days away from work. The weather is beautiful-although not a hint of rain which is not a good thing. We are drying up!!

The question is-what will I do to fill up my weekend. What I should do is clean the house, especially the sewing room. I am not sure there is a floor in there anymore. The ktchen and bathroom floors are in need too. How did Bailey get her dog fur in my bathroom? WonderPup is just that! Now I know in my heart of hearts that the cleaning thing is just not going to happen. I suppose I will run the vacuum and clean up the fur in the living room. Beyond that......

Sunday is ssecond Sunday and day to pick up the next block for block of the month. Also Peggy is going to be at Stitch to sign her book. I must have a copy even if I never make one of her quilts. I still have the one from the cruise that I have not touched since March. Pretty sure it is somewhere in the sewing room!

The projects are calling my name but I don't seem to get much done. Poor Laur has been waiting for over a year for the French fabric one. The top is done-somewhere in the sewing room. Do you see a pattern developing? Now if I were to win the lottery, all the quilt tops would go to the longarmer and I could start over.

I am half way through the Patterson book and anxious to see what diabolical thing will happen in this book. San Francisco does not seem like such a nice place despite the pretty pictures Laur took.

I guess I will just sit back and see what happens next.........

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Many years ago I remember the gas shortage and waiting in line to buy gas. So now we have a water shortage and there are rumblings of water rationing. I wonder if we are going to have to line up to take a shower? You may shower once a week and flush the toilet once a day. Yuck...we are going to experience new odors!

Meanwhile, it is cool this morning and maybe we will begin to experience some fall weather. Hopefully it will make me think a little bit about some quilting projects that are long overdue. After months of looking at a box of fabric sent down from NY, I have finally figured out what pattern I will do. Jacky will be so surprized when she finally gets it back!