Friday, April 24, 2009

Lull in blogland

I haven't blogged all week....nothing going on!
I have been working on the top I started at Thimbles last weekend. I have completed all of the half square triangles. And when I counted them up, somewhere lost in the living room is one of I just made another one! Then I started sewing to prepare for the 4 patch block. I need 200 of these bad boys. I have worked on them a little bit each night. Trying to stay awake in the early evening.

As for the upcoming weekend....I guess I need to look at some clothes, etc along with the usual stuff. Next Thrs. I am heading off to Florida to spend some time with my friend Kathy. I sure hope the weather is nice because I am itching to put my feet in some sand.

I checked in on Laurie last evening....well I really needed to see how my dog is doing! It seems she was not too good this week. I wonder what Laurie is doing wrong? heehee

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Becky said...

You're making great progress on the "It's Gretchen's Fault" quilt. Glad that you are finding some sewing time. Florida sounds blissful! Have a wonderful time!