Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nothing Blogworthy

My friend Kathy emailed me to find out what is wrong...nothing. And that about sums it up. Go to work, come home, go to bed!
Last weekend the shop hop was essentially a no go since the weather was so awful on Saturday. Sunday Louise and I hit the shops in Marietta. We decided that we would try this weekend to visit some of the other shops. So yesterday morning we started out...
I thought i was going to drive but Louise parked her car on the wrong side of the driveway ans she said she would drive. As soon as I closed my front door I realized my keys were in the car, in the garage. I am locked out! I called Laurie and asked that she leave me a key at her house so I could get back in later on. Dah......
We headed south on I85 and just before Ga400 feeds into 85, the traffic came to a screeching halt. For the next hour we crawled through town. A sign was being replaced by the Ga State village and 4 left lanes were closed on the connector! I hope Sue and family were not stuck in this mess. They were headed to Fla for spring break yesterday. Finally through we head toward Newnan. AND THEN the traffic again slows to a stop. When we got to the next exit we decided that it just wasn't worth it to sit in this mess as far as the eye could see, crawling cars. Headed back north and went to Jonesboro-Quilts n' Fixins. It is a nice shop. Haven't been there in awhile. They have rearranged some of their shelves and it is easier to walk around.
Then we headed over to Scarlet Thread in McDonough. I knew Louise would like this shop (and she did). Then took more back road to Melisa and Sweet Home. I guess that these are now #1 and 2 as my favorite shops. Sweet Home is #1 of course.
Then had to head over to Laurie's house to get the other garage door opener and then finally home. Quite the adventure...I was exhausted and had to lay down and I didn't even drive.

This week-more of the same I guess. I am going to work on the little dresses for the girls' dolls this week. This instead of candy in an Easter basket. We will see how much I get accomplished! So that is it-another boring blog.

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Gretchen said...

UGH with the traffic! I am glad you made it to several shops. We will have to plan a road trip to Newnan when the Traffic Gods are in a kinder mood!