Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thwarted Plans

Atlanta is really beautiful in early Spring. The trees are all flowering-pinks, whites and reds. The forsythia is blooming and soon the azalea will begin to bud. The pine has not started yet so the pollen count is still manageable. But this is the rainy season. The forecast last night was for bad weather coming in from the west. It looked like it was heading right for where we were planning on going. Change of hopping today. I don't mind the rain but lightening and tornadoes..not so much. I decided to head out to Sweet Home to support Melisa. She has worked so hard on Shop Hop. I figured I could be out and back before it got really bad. I bought a book and some pretty fabric to make a project from the book.

This afternoon, I decided to check out the shop in Braselton as the rain was lighter. The bad weather must have stayed south of the city. The directions to the shop were minimal and I got lost. I am not quite sure where I was but eventually found my way back to 985 and called the shop for more specific directions.

Tomorrow I will meet Louise and we will go over to the shops in Marietta. If it is nice next weekend, maybe we will head down south of the city.
I look forward to hearing about Becky and Gretchen's adventure today.

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Gretchen said...

We had lots of fun! Sorry you got rained out and then lost. Hope you can get to Marietta tomorrow--the shops were great!

Carol said...

I did the great circle route around Atlanta with Ann W on Friday. Yesterday in the down pour my husband drove me to Patricks. The rain finally slowed by the time i got to InTown that afternoon. My hop is compete- I bought something in 6 out of 9 stores- trying to help the economy.

Becky said...

The shop hop was really fun! We got lots of rain while driving, but nothing else. I tried to go to the Braselton shop on Friday and got really turned around. I think I pushed a wrong button on my GPS. Decided to just go home.