Thursday, March 26, 2009

the other never ending story....

I worked for Kindred Health Care for four and a half years. I left that job over three years ago. Remember the math. I am still haunted by this company. Yesterday I was supposed to be deposed once again. This is the third time. Three different cases. This company pulled out of Florida due to litigation concerns. i think they should have pulled out of Ga as well. I am so tired of being asked about things that happened five years ago. I don't remember the residents. They all blend together. Old people in wheelchairs. I guess that sounds kind of cruel but it is the truth. And the truth of the matter is that these families sue and it is the lawyers who collect the majority of the money. By Tuesday night I was so mad. I don't remember this person at all. I will be asked questions about paperwork. It is such a waste of my time. And then could I come in early so they could review more paperwork. I didn't go. But I will have to go on April 7th and will be subpoenaed to be there. So Kindred gets sued again and I get screwed again because I have to use PTO time to be there. Hostile witness????? you better believe it! Kindred lost the last law suit and although it was unfortunate and the outcome unavoidable, I hope they have to pay through the nose!! On the other hand, it impacts on the aging population because there is going to come a time when no one will want to take care of the frail elderly because to the lawsuit happy public. I guess we will all have to be launched onto ice flows to perish....oops global ice I make a joke but it is not a funny situation.

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