Monday, March 23, 2009

twas a quilty weekend

It seems like the weekend flew by but I guess I always feel that way.
Sunday afternoon I headed over to the new shop Patchwork Cottage for her official opening. We quilters are a happy band of people. Becky was already there when I got there. Saw lots of others too. I visited with Wendy. I am glad she is working there. She has a good eye and I always could count on her to help me find just the right fab to complete a project. I also chatted a bit with Pat Sloan. She is teaching a class there today but alas I must work to support my habit. Becky took pictures and posted on her blog (Quilting Booklady). My friends know how to do something so you just point and it jumps you to the blog but I don't know how to do that. See my link in the meantime!

Then I came home and finished Saturday's project. All it needs now is borders. It will be a very bright and happy quilt.

Good news...5 days until Shop Hop. Gretchen wanted to know if I have made a list. Well, that would be a big no but I still have time!

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