Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm planning a lazy day

Do I have things that I should do?
Well, yes I probably do...
Will I being doing them?
Best guess is no!

It is one of those rainy,dreary days here and I feel the couch calling me. But I will resist, at least for awhile. I having some straightening to do and then perhaps I will wander into the sewing room. I bought those fat quarters last weekend at Dragonfly and I need to find a project to do with them. Also I would like to make a smaller version of the Bad Melissa bag that I have made a couple of times.

But in the meantime, Henry is sitting on my blogging buddy!
Sue fixed my facebook and I now have catbook on my profile with pictures of all my boys. Who is a sick puppy?

In a moment of sheer insanity, yesterday when I was at Publix, I bought a corn beef. Also, a head of cabbage. After I cook it, I will be eating it all week.

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