Monday, March 9, 2009

Present in the mailbox

Headed over to Sue's house this afternoon to deliver the quilt. I caught her home between Sarah's ballet class and Emma's soccer practice. I am so glad those days are over for me (sorry Sue, but before you know it the girls will be all grown up-just like you and your sisters).
When I got back to this neck of the woods, I had a treat in my mailbox. My fat quarter swap has arrived from Australia. What fun! I got the most gorgeous blue tone on tone and a delightful blue with little yellow flowers.AND another delightful surprise-a sweet bag. I will bring it to Thimbles so y'all can see it. I hope to stay in touch with Lyn via email.

Will have to work a little later tomorrow as I left early today because I felt really weird-light headed. It was bizarre. Don't know what was going on but I seem to be better now.

You can tell we have had a few warm days here in the ATL. The Bradford pear trees have popped and are just full of their tiny white flowers. They are so pretty from a distance. I know that up close, they so not smell good but I really like seeing them from afar. It was so beautiful and warm this afternoon. And it is still too early for the pollen season! I know that it is coming but just for today, it was wonderful.

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Becky said...

I'd love to see your fabric from Australia. My fat quarters came from Colorado. Some nice florals. It's like the trees have just exploded with blooms.