Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sarah says her parents are party animals and therefore, she and Emma have another sleepover next weekend. Auntie Eww(Laurie) is scheduled for that one!

Right now the girls are still passed out on the couch. 2 decent beds in this house and they decide to sleep on the couch (and would I please sleep in the livingroom with them)! It is a good thing that I have a big sectional but this morning they are both down at one end. Sarah's legs are hanginf of the fronth edge.

We did a road trip to Lilburn yesterday afternoon to pick up the quilt at Peggy's and then stopped at Publix to picl up stuff to make cookies. I cheated and we made the refrigerator kind. Then to Mickey D's for some supper. We had our picnic on the livingroom floor-kind of a tradition here at Meena's house. The toys are strewn all over the floor. I will be picking up Polly Pocket apparrel for awhile-I think one of the boys thought that this was a new toy!

Movie time-ah yes-it only took me a half hour to figure out how to get the movies to play. I forgot that when they put in the new floors, I had to disconnect everything. When I put it back, I did not connect the CD player to the tv. It works better when you do! We watched Clifford, of course (one of our favs) and then the Cat in the Hat. We turned the tv off after that and went to bed

Both Sarah and Emma helped wind bobbins and did "pedal work" while I put the binding on the new quilt. It was a bit of a challenge to sew but we did!

Forgot the trip to Bad Melisa's in the morning. Double Delight will have blue setting triangles. I love it-it looks great and calms down the pink. I'll post a pix when it is together. I have only 2 seams left and it is done! I am not going to put a border on it. I like it just the way it is.

Emma is awake and says she needs help to get dressed. It has been a long time since I did that!

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Becky said...

Love hearing the stories of your little girls. We don't have any little ones left in our family. The next generation is between being the kids and having their own. How lucky they are to have you in town and so available. Blessed!