Monday, May 4, 2009

..but it is good to be home!

I had a wonderful few days away. The drive takes about 7 hours-four hundred fifty plus miles but it is all interstates. Kathy lives in a golf community called Pelican Bay. Her house backs up on the fairway close to one of the greens. She has a wonderful screened-in porch and I spent part of the time watching the golfers. So okay-it was not like watching Tiger but still fun. And they cheated!!! Also watched the waterfowl-pelicans,egrets and one called an anhinga. It was a strange bird that would dive for food. When it came up, it looked like a snake coming out of the water.
Other than the lovely porch, her home is just great. I could live there-if it came with daughters and grandchildren! Her sister lives in the same community and we had a great time together.

Daytona Beach was wonderful too. I did get a burn but it is already improving. The water was still tooo cold for old ladies to go into except up to the knees. We also looked at how the others live along the ocean front. Not too shabby! And of course no trip would be complete without checking out the Speedway. We didn't go in but drove all around it. Kathy lives not too far from there. Only downside of the trip was no fabric I need more fabric.

I have decided that I will fly the next time I go to Daytona..50 minute flight vs 7 hours of driving. The worst of the drive is I-10 going through the Osceola National Forest..and of course getting through Atlanta

Now it is back to work tomorrow!

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Brenda said...

Sounds like you had a great visit. Have a great weekend.