Saturday, July 17, 2010

Notes at Dark Thirty

I seem to have slipped back into that old sleep pattern. Awake at 4AM. What is that all about??
This is a Thimbles weekend and after having a pretty crappy couple of days at work, I decided I needed at double dose.
Yesterday I went the long way to Thimbles via Sweet Home. I needed some more green to finish the border on Figgy Pudding. While there the Moda company and the Evil Temptress struck again. Moda Man stayed at home yesterday keeping cool and hanging with Henry, Spooky and Wild Willie. I picked up a backing for Figgy Pudding as shown above. As for those other two pieces of fabric....aren't they pretty? I had to have a piece of that Northwoods Botanicals by M*#!. Why -haven't a clue
Then I headed over to Grayson stopping at Brewster's. I told Pat I am on the Brewster's diet this week. Cold and chocolate. If is is not that, I don't want it!!
I am now working on Scrappy Nines a Pat Wys pattern and I am doing it scrappy scrappy. I dragged 2 piles of misc little leftovers and spent the evening making 1 1/2 inch strips. When I go back today I will make some nine patches. I think I need eighty gazillion.! Biggest problem will be dragging all this stuff home again this afternoon.
Now I am going to make some coffee. Might as well be productive since I am up and awake.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Unknown said...

Love the new fabric that you got at Sweet Home. Sorry I missed you yesterday.

Gretchen said...

I think you are on the Bruster's-Moda-Sweet Home plan. Good for you!!!! So much fun sewing with you today. Good luck on those 80 gazillion nine-patches.