Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sewing Room Organization

It is hard to believe that almost 2 weeks have passes since vacation. It seems like so long ago. But I will just save my pennies and think about the next time I can sail away.

Since coming home, routine as usual. Not much sewing going on. But I have been inspired once again by Gretchen. Unfortunately she had a catastrophe but things are in progress. All the guys are okay, her fabric is safe and she and S are fine, even while living in a primitive state without electricity. She took a break yesterday and attended Thimbles. I think she is going back today. I have to work today, so I will miss it. Anyway, long story short, she has inspired me to attack the disaster in the sewing room. I NEED A FABRIC FAIRY BADLY TO FIX THIS MESS!!

I am sorting and sorting and cutting ala Bonnie Hunter. I have a container with lots of 2 1/2 strips. I am still working on the organization process and figuring out what to cut, other than squares, strips, etc.
I am making piles to donate and I need to find a source to donate finished tops that I no longer want. What was I thinking at some point in time?

I really want to do some sewing but am afraid if I start that, this cleaning process will stall. Well, maybe a little bit of sewing can be done tomorrow. I want to finish the backing for Lilac Hill. I need to make binding for it too. Also need to make binding for quilt that I made at Ellijay but I can't remember what the binding looked like!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

Gretchen said...

Yea for you!! You are going to be so happy when it is all finished and organized!! It will be great!

A Quilter Awakens said...

Those are great photos Karin. It was good to see you and Gretchen yesterday. Karmen

Brenda said...

Love the photo of you and the dolphin. Sorry I missed you this weekend.