Saturday, May 28, 2011

so why can't I stay motivated?

I am struggling with the process of straightening the sewing room. It is sooo slow (mainly because I have accumulated so much fabric). Gretchen helped me sort on Wednesday evening and we did get quite a bit done. Have I done anything since then? that would be a big no.
This morning I decided I needed to tackle my dresser drawers as it seems there has been an interior tornado in my closet and dresser. I sorted, discarded and fixed 7 of the drawers so far...2 to go-sock drawer and undies..time to get rid of aged stuff. I need to tackle that closet as well. will it happen? Probably not! I need to finish the chaos in the living room first.

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A Quilter Awakens said...

Uhg, don't even get me started. Really, I don't want to think about organizing my sewing space. You have to go through hell before you get sanity back. Good luck to you; you know I wish you all the best. Soldier through and all that. Karmen