Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Playin'

 Little table topper for the upcoming holiday.  It will be leaving here-I am not a big fan of Halloween (but I liked the fabric.  It is a quickie-3 fat quarters and a focus fabric for the center.
This week's BOW did not require an engineering degree.  It also went together quickly.  This is block #9 in the series.  I think I need to go back and redo week #2.  I did not have Blockbase at that time.  I have printed off the template for that one and while my pieces were right, the size was off.

I have 20 blocks made for polka dot pineapples.  I am not sure how many blocks I will end up with-it depends on how far I can stretch the black Kona.  It will be 25, 30 or 36 blocks.  In the meantime I have one big mess from all the cutting and trimming.

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