Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I've been waiting......and today is the day!  Bonnie Hunter publishing yardage requirements for the new mystery quilt.  I did not even bother reading it on the computer.  Just hit the print friendly button and turned on the printer.  And this is what I got...directions in code.  AND I printed it twice since in my eagerness I hit the button twice.
Do over....and now I have the directions in readable form.  I will soon be off to begin gathering fabric.  The first clue is not until the end of November-so I have time.  That being said, I will soon begin anyway.

Now my friends know the condition of my living room at the current time and now I will be adding to the chaos/piles of fabric.  I have been working steadily on pineapple polka dots so there is a pile of polka dot pieces.  And then there is the Silver Thimble mystery-a pile of lime green pieces.  I've been cutting for the blue/red/gold swap.......get my drift.   Did I mention the bag of teeny trimmings to give to Becky for pet beds?    Can you say OUT OF CONTROL?

BUT I am a happy quilter and that's the truth!!!!

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ljeanne said...

Karen, I haven't heard anything about the red, blue, gold swap. Can you send me the info?

Jeanne Jones

"Your bunk-buddy"