Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Projects

The BOW for this week has been hanging over my head.  But it is Thursday and the day after tomorrow, there will be another one!  This block is similar to week 2 and I struggled with that one.  But I didn't have Blockbase then.  Maybe I will go back and redo that one...maybe not!  At any rate cross one project off the list.

I told Kathy that I would make her a quilted container for her Kindle.  That was back in June.  Then I forgot.  But now that is done as well.  It does need a snap.  I made use of some of the extra flying geese I made for "Turkey".  Don't think this will get lost if put in a bag!

I also got the tea cozy made but it is already on it's way to NY.  Good progress this week

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