Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's not a Baltimore Album!

Since I retired last year (woot woot-best year so far!), I have been able to participate in the Gwinnett Quilt Guild and have done 2 workshops in 2 months!  Last month I did the Buggy Barn crazy.  This is the second one I have done..  My quilt inspector is checking out my work.  He had to get up from his nap on another quilt!  I hope Princess Pat, Queen of Thimbles notices the APPLIQUE.  No, it is not needle turn but check out those flowers.

Yesterday I went to a "Out of the Box" workshop with Mary Lou Weidman.  Free-form piecing an Hoochy Mama blocks.  It was a fun day.  Now I am doing some serious thinking about my next project.  I think it will involve a cow.  Stay tuned!!  (I wonder how Spooky feels about cows?)

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Brenda said...

I think you should do a pig instead of a cow.