Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maybe not my favorite block

 Grandmother's Choice blocks #32 and 33.  On the left Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie.  This one was not too hard.  And then there is Contrary Husband on the right.  I am not liking this one a lot.  All those split seams..yuck.  We won't be looking at the wrong side of this baby!  But it is done
Spooky, the official project inspector is checking out my work on part 2 of the Lazy Sunday mystery.  I like the way the colors on this quilt are coming together.  I think I am in my "bright" period. 

Wild Willie is busy observing the backyard from his perch in the sewing room.  He has no time for quilt inspection-too many birds out there.

I have Dixie Diary block 4 completed except for the applique piece (go figure!)  I also have piecing work on the crazy cat flowers.  There is also applique involved there.  It seems there is a bit of stalling going on at willie and Spooky's house.

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Brenda said...

Love your blocks.