Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just pluggin' away

It has taken me all week to complete the sashing strips for the Blogger Girls quilt.  It still has 2 months to go for the actual blocks.  It was a powerful lot of square in a squares to make.  I hope I am going to like it after it is finally put together.  I decided to make the squares all the same fabric.

I had a busy week sewing and playing with my friends.  Yesterday we had a food/fuel/fun trip in the local area.  We went to a fabric garage sale!  It actually made me feel not so bad about my own stash.  This lady had a room full of goodies.  I asked her how much of her stash was there and she said it was about one third of what she had.  She is right up there in contention for the prize "she who has the most fabric when she dies..wins"!

And after a trip to a shop in Cumming (a story in and of itself), we headed for the "food" part of the day.  Marty had her of a little restaurant in Cumming called The Foster House.  It is open for breakfast and lunch during the week, and dinner on Sat and Sun.  It is a gem.  The food was delish!  I was forced to rest when I got home.  It was a great day.

As I was rather busy this week with lots of dots on my calendar..I never did get to the block of the week from last Saturday.  And now it is once again Saturday, so I will have 2 to do.  And it looks like  busy weekend.

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