Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunbonnet Sue needs rainware!

 This week's Grandmother's Choice block #36-11 to go- is a Sunbonnet sue Applique.  It took me 2 days to get around to doing her.  And now she is done.  It is another cloudy day here.  It has been rainy and cloudy for days  Here it is May and I still feel the need for my flannel sheets on the bed!  I have turned off the heat.  It is a good thing that Spooky and I have quilts to cuddle.  Willie-not so much.

So you ask, what is this?  She is something I really did not need.  But since the tax refund FINALLY arrived, I decided to treat myself.  She has a wonderful stitch that I can do some quilting on small pieces.  She has a built in walking foot.  If you look at old Sue, you can see a decorative stitch I did on her bonnet.  It only took me a few trys to figure out how to wind the bobbin.  I am signed up for a class the middle of May.  I need to write down questions I have.  Otherwise when I get there, I will have forgotten!

Now it is confession time......this past Sunday I went to have something to eat with my friend Sarah.  I arrived first.  I told the waitress that I was meeting a friend who had short, red curly hair.  Sarah does not have red hair and never has.  What was I thinking???  I attribute the booboo to the over abundance of rain lately!!  

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