Saturday, May 11, 2013

#37 -Nameless Star:The Lucy Stone League

 I was glad when I opened the blog this morning that this week was NOT applique!    Only 10 more blocks to go on Grandmother's Choice.  This block relates to women who did not want to change their names when they married.  Back in the day this was quite an oddity.  And as I age, I can relate-although I am who I am, no matter what my name there!!  \
Spooky felt the need to assist me this morning in fabric selection for this block.  I guess he did not approve of my choice, as I ended up with a small scratch on my finger!
 The completed block.  This block is also called Variable Star or Sawtooth Star
My other quilt inspector checking out my progress on the swap.  A few of us from last year's quilt retreat met last Saturday to swap our blocks.  I have constructed the center but the borders are still a work in progress.  I do love the secondary patterns that are created with putting the blocks together.  I have navy fabric for a  narrow border.  The outer border is going to be ?????

Yesterday at the senior center I worked on disappearing four patches.  This is one possibility.  And I have the blue/gold half square triangles too.  Decisions, decisions!  We had a spirited and often hilarious discussion yesterday of non-quilt related topics.  I think the powers that be may be sorry they moved this rowdy bunch up to the front of the building  It is good to laugh yourself silly at times!

Emma and I are going to have a sleepover tonight as Sarah is off camping with the girl scouts.  I wonder what Emma has up her sleeve to do!!!   I know it will involve french fries anyway.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Gretchen said...

Tell Spooky that you did a great job with the fabric choices. Willie looks like he is waiting for french fries. It is an adorable photo of him. Only 10 more blocks!!! Yikes I need to catch up!!

Brenda said...

Love your block. I need to catch up. Willie is such a good helper.