Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Clowder of Crazy Cats

 I finished the crazy cat quilt today at Thimbles.  This quilt makes me so happy.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern.  The second pattern that I have completed.  I sew love doing this technique.  And I must say I am kind of proud of myself as the flowers have appliqued stems and leaves.  They are not needle-turn BUT for me this is quite a step.  I finished the binding and needed to give the kitties some eyes.  At first, I had planned on just black eyes.  Pat brought out her button box and i had a good time finding different eyes for the guys!
Mr quilt inspector is checking out my work.  I also had to embroider whiskers.  I tried to make one of the cats in the quilt resemble Wild Willie.  Spooky is kind of represented but it was hard as he is all black.  I hope he does not notice!

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