Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Project?...

I've been reflecting on life lately..go figure!  And I think life kind of resembles the pile of fabric strips that I dumped out on the kitchen floor this morning.  This is actually fabric I am playing with for a new project...BUT it is also kind of like life itself.

Friends and family-all different and all with little problems and joys all intertwined.  (Can't check my spelling-the little thingy went away).

I take a "shortcut" to get to the senior center.  I drive thru this strange little neighborhood.  As you enter, there is a sign that states there are "speed humps" to slow you down.  In fact, there are 8 speed humps-I counted them!  And in fact, it does work, I do slow down but I am also checking out some of the sights.  Back to my original thought,  we all have speed humps in life.  I have been blessed with friends to help me over those bumps in the road and hope that I can help them when they hit a bump as well.

And now I must go pick up the pile of fabric off the kitchen floor!

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ljeanne said...

Since you are no longer on FB, would you mind giving me your phone number, so that I can contact you about the quilting group that meets at the library?