Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autumn in the ATL

This morning when I opened up to get to the web site, one of the teasers was "19 Hot spots for Autumn" and there jumping out at me was a picture of the Bear MT Bridge and looking south down the river toward Peekskill. I could see the "goat path" and Anthony's Nose. Oh how I love the Hudson River Valley...well maybe just to look at because I don't want to deal with the snow up there anymore.
Anyway, this morning I needed to put a sweater on because it was right chilly! I know that by noon and definately by the time I get ready to go home, I will not need it. Yesterday afternoon was take your breath way special-the sky was clear, a slight breeze and glorious warm, not hot temperature. The boys enjoyed nature out the back door! This is probably the best time of year, AC and no heat. I won't turn on the heat until Dec. 1st if I can help it!!

AND I think that the gas situation is showing a definate improvemnent-although there are still a lot of stations with no gas...I think by the weekend it should be almost "normal"

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