Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What happened to Fall??????

I am not happy. It is downright cold here. I don;t enjoy having to put a coat on in October. It is not supposed to be that warm this afternoon either. And I need to add that my boys are not happy either. When I woke up this morning Henry was under the covers with only his little head and front paws out. He was so cute.

I have been watching the news and the voting insanity for my out of state friends (and Laur) continues to be nuts. My boss waited 4 and a half hours to vote yesterday afternoon. So far over a million people have voted early in Ga. Maybe those waiting for actual election day won't have a problem and will sail in and out.
I am totally disgusted with the elected officials campaigning. Last evening the TV bombarded with negative adds for both Saxby and Martin. And the adds were one after another, after another ad nauseum. Come on Nov 4th!

Meanwhile the cleaning did not get completed on the weekend and I sat with my nose in a book last night. I did get Kris's bag cut out finally!

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