Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wide awake at 4AM-I knew this was going to happen!
Last evening I finished the binding on the Dasiy Chain quilt from my very favorite book. Both Gretchen ans I love this book and are sewing are way through it! The fabric is from the Portobello line. I am pleased to day that it passed the quality control-Henry and Spooky give it 4 paws up!
Anyway back to the early hour-so after I finished the binding (only had about a half of one side to do), I got under it with another quilt and watched tv. The end-I was gone-fast asleep...but it was so cold last evening, I felt like packing my bags and moving to the equator. I hate being cold and it is January cold and not promising to get warmer anytime soon.
The cold weather should make me feel like doing Christmas shopping but it doesn't. I have yet to get in the mood. The Christmas decorating Natzi (Sarah) wants to come over and help me decorate the house. Yikes-I have a hard time saying no to Sarah. Unfortunately she is not too interested in putting the stuff away after the holidays are over! I have dumped so much stuff in the garage, I'll have to climb over to get to the Christmas stuff-that's another story! My girls decided I needed a cleaning person. She came yesterday. I spent part of Sunday cleaning! My guest room now looks like a guest room but don't open the closet because that's where all the stuff is! There and in the garage!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

Gretchen said...

Love your quilt!!!!! I give it two paws up also :) I think you need to have a contract with Sarah saying she will come over and take down the decorations also; that's the worst part.

laurie said...

don't you totally lurve the cleaning lady?! I'm tellin ya - it's like crack - how did you live without one?!

Brenda said...

I love this book. I have several quilts marked in it that I want to make. Someday.