Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surprise for Auntie Eww

The reason for my crafting madness last Friday was to have the girls make homemade decorations for Laurie's Christmas tree. She is flying home as I write this. So last Saturday morning, I dug her Christmas tree out of the closet and put it up. Then Sue brought the girls over and they decorated the tree. I also bought ornaments that I thought would appeal to the little girls-purple, pink, lime green. The construction paper chain and the glittery blue snowflakes really make for quite the tree! Not really Laurie's taste but set up with love by her niecelets!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

laurie said...

I have the most BEAUTIFUL tree ever!!! I absolutely love it!!

WHat a great gift to come home to!

Becky said...

What a lovely thing to do! Just the nicest thing !

Gretchen said...

A beautiful tree! What a great surprise!