Sunday, December 7, 2008

Play Date

Sarah and Emma have play dates so why shouldn't I? And yesterday I did! Becky coordinated a great day with friends from "Sisters". We met out at Sweet Home. But it was bonus time. Several more Sisters were having playdates also and Sister Superior was in the house! She has a "class Picture" on her blog Silver Thimble Talk.

Becky, Ktistie, Gretchen and I worked on differemt projects. I brought 2 with me. Was I optomistic or what? At any rate, I did a lot of swearing because my project has directions that are terrible. I need to email the author and tell her her directions....well you know. Gretchen said it much nicer! It should have been simple. It is a pattern called Drama Queen and I chose this great fabric Melisa had in the front room. It will be quite pretty when I finish it, I think.

It was great being with the quilting peeps and I am so glad that Pat has found us a new location AND that Melisa will provide the kits. Quilters Rule!

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Becky said...

Play Date is a perfect description of our sewing days. One that was greatly needed. I still smile when I think of what a fun day we had. Must do it again!