Saturday, December 13, 2008

Messing up someone else's house..

Last evening I went over to watch the girls while mom and dad went out to play. I decided we should have some Christmas crafting fun. So on the way there, I stopped and got construction paper and glue and odds and ends and then stopped at Publix and got some stuff to make sugar cookies. The plan....trash the house! And I must say, the three of us did a pretty good job!

Sarah and Emma are quite good a decorating the cookies as you can see by the picture. We also made some brownie type cookies that were not quite as successful. I think Emma was a little disappointed that there were no chocolate chip cookies. Next time we will do that.

Then on to the crafting. I found these great snowflakes and we just glittered them up like crazy. We also mad construction paper chains with lots of glitter. I bought Emma her own little scissors. Rob should be used to this by now as I think I gave Sarah scissors before this. Emma was little Miss snip making all kinds of little pieces!

All in all it was a fun evening except for the fact that Lainey (the dumb dog) got into the cookies and ate about half of them! I hope she got a really bad tummy ache!

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