Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a happy camper!

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to make me happy. This morning, driving to work (in the pouring rain), the radio waves were buzzing again. Randy and Spiff are back together again! They are the morning guys on the oldies station. I have followed them from station to station. Hopefully, the powers that be won't change the format again. I was excited to find Spiff a few months ago but didn't know what happened to Randy. When they went to an AM station awhile ago, I couldn't get the reception and I really wasn't in to the talking....but now I am happy!

Survived the weekend and the living room is put back together after the little girl's sleepover! We had a good time but I needed a nap yesterday afternoon. Saturday morning, Cindi and I went out to Sweet Home. I donned the colander but was not too successful. Pictures to follow. But now that I think about it, there was no Moda in the purchases......maybe it does work????

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Pat said...

Good Morning Karin!! Sorry I haven't been on your Blog since the retreat. Did you tell me that you had the instructions for binding that you could share with me?

Glad to see that you survived the State inspection. Be sure to get your flu shot including the H1N1.

Had a great time at the retreat and wish I could go again, this week.

Thanks in advance for the binding instructions.

Pat Robinson

Susan said...

I'm glad that you found Randy and Spiff on an otherwise dreary drive into work!