Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hanging with Miss Alice

Poor little Punky is still slightly under the weather. I went over to keep Kris company as Tyler was working late tonight. I think I passed him about a block from his house. Kris and I took turns holding Alice. She was having one of her fussy nights. And the child does not take naps-she just does these little cat naps that last a half hour. It has been a long week for Kris, to say the least.
I finished the quilt top for Alice. It really went together quickly. It is her colors her mother reports. Now I just have to get a backing for it. My wonderful daughter Laurie asked me if this one was from my stash and told me that at my age I really should be paring it down and not buying anything new. She just doesn't want to deal with it after I die. I told her all she had to do was contact my quilting buds and the stash would go away. So quilting buds, you know who you are and you have been put on notice. However, I don't plan on departing any time soon and I WILL be adding to my stash. I need to keep the Moda Man happy!

Stripped the bed before I went to Kris's house and Now I either need to make the bed or just pull up a quilt or two. It still is darn cold here but no snow and that is a good thing. COME ON, SPRING...I can't take much more of this cold stuff!

4 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

You know, the older my mom gets, the more generous with her fabric she has become, but I am glad she is still a fabriholic! Karmen

Anonymous said...

I am all for just getting under the quilt. Depends on the time of night. Ah, to be single and have it only be your decision!

Susan said...

It's hard for a mom to get any rest when her little one doesn't take naps. My daughter didn't take naps either. My family knows to contact my quilting friends if "heaven forbid" something should happen to me. We have to keep our quilt stores in business!

laurie said...

okay, you make me sound evil. But you DO HAVE a ridiculously large amount of fabrics.... I'm just sayin'!