Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moda Man is watching..

I am working on several projects this weekend...probably won't finish any of them! Can you say A.D.D.?
I am making another quilt for Alice out of her favorite colors. It is from March issue of Quick Quilts and is called "the modern baby". I am only to the first part. Those large blocks are wacked in half on the diagonal and then stitched back together with another wacked piece. I am also working on our swap Patches and Pinwheels. Only half a million half square triangles to construct before I start on the pinwheel part. The Moda Man is inspecting my progress as you can see.

I am heading over to see Alice and Kris this afternoon. Alice is feeling better. She got sick the first week in daycare and had to stay home this week. Poor Punky-and poor Kris. First of many times with a sick baby. I didn't tell her it doesn't get easier. And now I can worry about 2 generations!

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Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

A.D.D. you??? Say it ain't sooo.