Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work Frustration

The government is phasing in a new survey process and Ga is the next state to start the process. My facility was chosen as one of the training sites and we are the lucky ones to participate in a mock survey. The old process was three days of high anxiety for all staff members. The new process that is computerized is now 5 days long. It is a nightmare. Now the fact that facilities are monitored is a good thing because the rights and care needs of the frail elderly need to be protected but this system is something else. I hope it does not mean that ultimately more good people will walk away from the profession. Because I would if I could! Only the fact that I am close to being able to retire keeps me there. If only I could afford to work at, say Mc Donalds! "Can I super size that for you? Would you like paper or plastic". Maybe a greeter at Walmart? Just kidding but now I have today and 2 more days of this madness.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

CINDI said...

I'm sorry. Just remember that at the end of this madness is sewing with the Thimbles.

Blogger said...

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