Sunday, January 17, 2010

Once again feeling almost human..

It has been a good weekend. Saturday was Thimbles. I did not work on the quilt du jour because I was afraid I would screw it up. As it was, I did manage to make a mistake on the mystery block that I took with me. A little unsewing and it was good as new. I did have a great time being with the gals. We did our swap for the Bonnie Hunter quilt and there are pictures on Becky's blog (Quilting Booklady-on my blog list).
After Thimbles, I went over to Kris as I needed to see Alice. Again it was great as she is now cooing and smiling. We put her in one of her presents and she just seemed to really enjoy looking around. Tomorrow Kris goes back to work.
Today was command performance-Sarah needed to complete her sewing project for the try-it she is working on. Meeting is next weekend.
So I got to see nearly everyone this weekend-except Laurie and LB. But I did touch base with Laur. I am now home and ready to spend some quality time with the boys. Too cold to do much else...but the reindeer made it into the garage today wootwoot!!-no longer redneck decorations on my front porch!

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DeAnna S. said...

I'm a nurse that quilts too. Is Thimbles...Silver Thimbles? If so I just joined the McDonough Ga. chapter which had their first gathering last weekend. I really did enjoy Pat. Hope it's the same club. Glad to know ya!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I was worried about the redneck porch!hahaha. Fun weekend at Thimbles. I'm glad ya'll kept those swap blocks away from me.


Brenda said...

Sorry I missed you at Thimbles, see you next Tuesday.

Susan said...

It was a good weekend with Silver Thimbles! It was great to see everyone!