Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I've been doing some serious sewing for the past two days. Working on Roll Roll. Cotton Boll as well as the Thimbles Swap. Plugging along on RRCB, so many little pieces.
The swap top is almost finished. I have decided I am not finishing it as it is in the book. I don't like that the stars are not finished around the edges. So I am thinking I am going to finish the points as part of the first border. Then I guess I will decide whether or not to put on the flying geese units. Perhaps the geese have gone South?
Feeling a little lazy. I did make the bed, showered and changed into fresh jammies. Only wish there was a sappy movie on-that would make it a perfect day!

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kristie said...

Hey Karin, I am finishing the swap with the extension of the stars with the same fabric all around. You need to cut 88 more 1 1/2 squares of background and 44 2 1/2 x 5 rectangles of border fabric to sew them onto. I am still figuring the exact 5" squares, but will be doing today....looks much better. k