Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not really maudlin (sp)?

January is kind of a dark period of the year-days are short and mostly it is cold. Cold for me is 30 by the way. I live in the South now! At any rate, I was reading Nancy's blog and she was talking about a death and how the family involved dealt with it. I work in a SNF (Heaven's waiting room) and we have lost 2 residents in the past two days. It is not uncommon around the holidays. Death usually comes in threes, so we have one more to go. Funny thing is that usually one of the three is unexpected. The 2 so far this week were both on hospice. And on was a long time resident who had spent a good portion of his life there. It is a loss for those he leaves behind but I can celebrate that he is now in a better place-free of pain.

On a much brighter note...all the stars are on the swap quilt. I just need to add a border and she's done! I need to get back to RRCB. I have wacked all of the string pieces in half and need to sew them together. If there is nothing on tv, I just might sew a few tonight. Still have 22 of the other blocks to finish constructing.

Spooky sat on my lap while I finished a book on my Kindle this afternoon.

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Gretchen said...

Today was a very dreary day. I came home and started cooking to make my house warmer. I'm making one pot chicken with sausage and potatoes. Talk about comfort food! Hang in there it's almost groovy girls time!!

Brenda said...

Before you know it spring will be here.