Saturday, January 22, 2011

Therapy required

Work this week was, in a word, horrible, awful, %$^#@& Well I guess that is more than one word but you get the gist. I finally got around to calling someone to replace my garage door opener and I had that done Friday afternoon. Shut down the computer and left early! New working opener in place-no more doing the garage door dance twice a day. I'm a happy camper. Still enough time to head over to Sweet Home for some therapy.
I needed to pick up first month of Comfort and Joy block program. I happily discovered that I don't have to deal with heinous applique until month three! Oh happy day!!
That pretty little bundle of happy fabrics makes my heart sing. That fabric had just come in on my last visit and I asked them to make me a bundle and it was waiting for me yesterday.
I spotted Kim Brackett's new book and it was 1-800-GOTTA HAVE. OMG is this a great book I don't know which quilt I want to do first!

Also came home with another book by Terry Atkinson. I spotted a cute little bag and now that I have mastered(?) zippers I thought I would try another pattern. I got 2 fat quarters and a zipper for that project.

All in all it was an expensive day but this morning I feel a lot less stressed and I slept quite well last night-on the couch and later in the bed.

Today is THIMBLES!!!!!!!! I stopped by last evening to say hi to the Friday nite gang but today I will be sewing. I already have my spot!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

It was good to see you Karin. I hope next week is better. Karmen

Brenda said...

Hope this week is better, great to see you on Friday night.