Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love it when a block goes together....the first time!

I was a little nervous after last week's block.  Grandmother's Choice # 28 is named: Ocean Wave: My Friend Erma.  Erma was a WAVE during World War II.  Interesting story.  about WAVES.  At any rate, she was also a quilter.  I loved seeing both the pictures of her in her uniform and especially the picture of her quilting.
I did not follow the "directions" for block construction.  I used the Easy Angle  ruler to construct the HSTs.  The block went together and is the correct size.  Did not need to do any trimming!

Laundry is in the dryer.  The time has come for me to jump back into C and J (before you know who REALLY gets on my case).  Gotta love that Pat!

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