Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Accomplishment

I did not get much done this weekend.  The Blogger Girl's block was published on March 1.  I did do the 2 blocks, although they do not look different. I am hoping that when placed in the quilt top, it will be okay. This is a 6 month program and now is half done.

I downloaded both Grandmother's Choice block of the week and Dixie Diary block #3.  The block of the week requires some partial seams and I finally got around to cutting it out this morning.  The Dixie Diary block totally confused me.  It is a good thing that Sarah explained it last evening.  She said I over thought it.  So this morning I cut it out and have it partially done.  I have yet to applique the star or heart on it. and add the narrow border.  I am thinking that I am going to make the narrow border on all of the block a solid color-probably Kona black.  That means I have to fix block #1 and finish #2.  It just does not appeal to me!

Now time for a whine:   I AM SO SICK OF THIS COLD WEATHER!
There, I said it.  It is March,  come on pollen!!!

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