Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pat, Pat, Pat....what day is it???

It is hump day!!!   This week is summer stitch in in Silver Thimble Club land.  6 glorious days of sewing, laughing, eating and just plain having fun.

I seem to have made the naughty list...go figure!  I also can't seem to make the blog work right tonight.  So I'll keep writing here.  I am not getting much accomplished.  I broke the Lady GaGa ruler on Monday morning.  Marty let me borrow hers.  I cut out my pattern, worked on it today and I HATE it!!    Maybe I should just find a quiet corner and read Chris's new book. 

We have a great location with lots of room to spread out.  Today we formed the Silver Thimbles Singers.  We worked on our first song "Soft Kitty".  It need some work!

I cracked Pat up this afternoon.  It was good to see her get falling down laughing.  I have no pictures of the quilts being produced.  I was too busy whining about my lack of progress.  Pat has some great stuff on her blog, Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

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Gretchen said...

I bet y'all are having the time of your lives as always! Such good therapy :)