Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I think I may have a problem....

Okay...I KNOW I have fabric issues. ZaZa by Moda is due to be delivered today. Now another habit I have developed is checking email after I 1) feed the cats and 2) put the coffee on in the morning. I decided I would check the progress of my package. How see where the package has been and when. Anyway-it arrived in Doraville this morning at 3AM and should be on my doorstep when I return home from work. I would guess that others are aware of the tracking system but I just never bothered before. This fabric addiction is bad!! I joked on the sisters website about rolling naked in the fabric...I hope I am not quite that bad but I realized last night that the fabric has once again oozed out of the sewing room, taken over the kitchen table and is in the livingroom. I must contain it again before any of my children come to check on me!
Bailey arrives soon for her extended stay with me while Laur goes Far East. I have not told the boys she is coming. They will not be happy!

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Becky said...

I'm not sure I see a problem. My alarm goes off at 5:00. I go downstairs to let our dog out. The coffeepot is on automatic, so I grab a cup. Scoop some dog food in Rusty's dish, then check e-mail and blogs. Since you do it and I do it, it must be normal behavior :)

It wouldn't be a UFO if you draped it across your body and rolled in it. It would be a "working" quilt.